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People have relied on removable dentures to replace missing teeth in their mouths for decades. Yet, an unfortunate effect of missing teeth for a long time, particularly upper back molars, is the shrinking of your jawbone as your sinus expands. At East Village Dental Center in East Village, New York City, the team uses two methods of sinus lift surgery to add bone grafting material to this area of your jawbone to make a sturdy base for durable, permanent dental implants. To see if you can swap your dentures for implants and if you need a sinus lift to do so, book a consultation by phone or online at East Village Dental Center today.

Sinus Lift Q & A

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, is a surgery that your dentist performs to add bone in the back of your upper jaw to replace lost bone after molar loss or removal.  

If you don’t immediately replace missing teeth in the back of your mouth with implants, the maxillary sinus, an open cavity within your face, becomes larger as the volume of your jaw bone where your tooth root once sat diminishes. 

During a sinus lift, your dentist pulls the tissue membrane within the sinus away from what’s left of your jaw bone, then adds artificial bone to the area for extra support. 

When is a sinus lift necessary?

Sinus lift surgery isn’t necessary for everyone. Even if your body has reabsorbed the bone of your jaw over time after you lost your molars or if you never had enough bone there in the first place, you can still live with the thinner jawbone and use dentures to replace your back teeth. However, if you’d prefer implants and your dentist agrees that you’re a candidate, you’ll need a sinus lift to get adequate bone in your jaw to support the implants. 

Research shows that dental implants embedded into the artificial bone graft after a sinus lift have a 92% success rate, which is the same as implants embedded into natural jawbone. 

What are the two kinds of sinus lifts?

The team at East Village Dental Center provides two methods of sinus lift surgery. Your dentist thoroughly evaluates the state of your oral health and the positioning of your bones and sinus before selecting the right method to use for your surgery. The options are:

Osteotome sinus lift

The osteotome sinus lift method is minimally invasive. Your dentist uses it when you only need a small amount of bone graft and there are no complications with the anatomy of your sinuses. They create a small opening in your gums and the underlying bone where your implant is to be placed and then use an instrument called an osteotome to place the grafting material into your sinus through the opening. 

Lateral window sinus lift

A lateral window sinus lift is a bit more complicated than the osteotome sinus lift method. If you have a larger sinus, your dentist makes an egg-shaped opening in the bone to the side of the sinus, then places the grafting material directly into the opening. 

If you’d like to learn more about sinus lifts and find out if you’re a candidate, call East Village Dental Center to request an appointment or book online today.