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That white, filmy layer on your teeth isn’t always fully removable with brushing and flossing alone, and it’s doing more damage than you might realize. At East Village Dental Center in East Village, New York City, the team of dental experts removes this layer and helps treat gum disease with a process called periodontal scaling. To book your next regular exam and cleaning or find out if you need scaling as part of your treatment for gum disease, call East Village Dental Center or use the convenient online appointment scheduling tool today.

Periodontal Scaling Q & A

What is periodontal scaling?

Periodontal scaling is a procedure that the team at East Village Dental Center often uses to remove plaque and tartar (plaque that has hardened) from under and around your gumline on your teeth. If it sounds familiar, it’s because your dentist usually does it to some degree at each of your regular exam and cleaning appointments.

Periodontal scaling is sometimes coupled with a subsequent procedure called root planing. This is necessary if you have pockets between your teeth and gums where your gums have begun to separate from your teeth. Your dentist carefully uses a tool to smooth the roots of your teeth to create conditions that encourage your gums to reattach to your teeth. They may need to make incisions in your gums for better access to the roots of your teeth. 

When is periodontal scaling necessary?

Periodontal scaling is a necessary step in your treatment if you have gum disease, which is also called periodontal disease. Neglecting to thoroughly and regularly brush your teeth or not using the proper technique to do so puts you at risk of developing gum disease. 

When bacteria accumulate around your teeth, it soon turns into the filmy white plaque that you hear a lot about while in the dentist’s chair. When it isn’t fully cleaned off, the bacteria can cause your gums to become inflamed and tender. This is one of the telltale signs of gum disease. Other signs that you might need periodontal scaling to treat your gum disease are:

  • Bleeding while brushing
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Loose adult teeth
  • Teeth that appear longer than usual
  • Pockets between your gums and teeth

If you leave periodontal disease untreated for long enough, you can eventually lose your teeth. Attending your six-month cleaning appointments at East Village Dental Center helps you avoid such complications and keep your oral health intact.

Does periodontal scaling hurt?

Periodontal scaling might feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if your gums are already inflamed and aggravated. If your plaque and tartar buildup is severe enough, your dentist at East Village Dental Center may offer you a local anesthetic to make you more comfortable during the procedure. 

For about a week after your periodontal scaling procedure, your teeth and gums might be particularly sensitive. Your dentist might prescribe a specialized rinse or pill to help you tolerate this sensitive period and help your gums heal.

If you see signs of gum disease or are simply due for your next exam, call or click to reserve your appointment at East Village Dental Center today.