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You’d love to smile more, but you’re embarrassed by how much of your gums show. The caring and gentle dentists at East Village Dental Center in New York City use FDA-cleared dental laser therapy to remove excess gum tissue to treat gummy smiles, prepare you for veneers or crowns, and to treat gum infections. Periodontal reshaping with lasers is relatively painless and is less traumatic than traditional crown lengthening. To find out if periodontal reshaping is for you, contact East Village Dental Center by phone or online form.

Periodontal Reshaping Q & A

What is periodontal reshaping?

Periodontal reshaping is any procedure that changes the shape and look of the gum tissue that holds your teeth in place. Periodontal reshaping is often done for :

  • Improving a gummy smile
  • Preparing teeth for veneers or a crown
  • Removing bacteria-collecting gum pockets

Whenever possible, the dentists at East Village Dental Center use dental laser therapy to reshape your gums. Dental laser therapy is relatively pain-free, causes less bleeding, and doesn’t affect surrounding, healthy tissue. Dental laser therapy also painlessly removes excess bone that may contribute to your gummy smile.

Why should I reshape a gummy smile?

When too much of your gums show when you smile, you may be embarrassed to laugh in public. Feeling self-conscious about your smile alters other people’s perceptions of you, too. Smiles are usually read as a sign of confidence and friendliness, so when you hide your smile, you cut yourself off from key social interactions.

Periodontal reshaping also makes your gums look more even and beautifully shaped. Only you can decide if you want to improve your smile. Dental laser therapy makes the decision easier because it’s relatively pain-free and less traumatic than traditional crown lengthening procedures. 

Why do I need periodontal reshaping for crowns or veneers?

Dental crowns and veneers look best when they’re underneath the gum, like natural teeth. Depending on the state of your gums, your dentist may need to reshape them before inserting the crowns or applying the veneers. 

How does periodontal reshaping help periodontitis?

If you have the gum infection known as periodontitis, your gum tissue may have pulled away from your teeth, forming little pockets. These pockets are traps for bacteria that can then enter your teeth through microscopic cracks or holes.

Your dental team at East Village Dental Center removes the gum pockets and reshapes your dental roots so that the gum can grow onto the tooth again. Healthy gums help preserve your teeth so you can keep them for life.

If you’re ready for periodontal reshaping, contact the expert dentists at East Village Dental Center by online form or call the friendly office staff.