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Every year 53,000 Americans receive a diagnosis of oral cancer. Though there’s no cure, an oral biopsy can alert you early on when the disease responds best to treatment. At 286 Madison Dental in Midtown Manhattan, the expert dentists provide oral biopsies to people of all ages. If you’re concerned about your risk of oral cancer, book an appointment with the online scheduling tool or call the New York City office today.

Oral Biopsy Q & A

What is an oral biopsy?

An oral biopsy is a screening procedure used to determine your risk of head, neck, or throat cancer. 

It’s a quick, outpatient procedure that involves your dentist removing a small amount of suspicious tissue from your mouth. After acquiring a sample, your dentist sends it to a pathologist for further analysis.

What are the types of oral biopsy?

The team at 286 Madison Dental offers several types of oral biopsy, including:

Exfoliative cytology

Exfoliative cytology is a type of biopsy that involves your dentist using a handheld tool to carefully scrape cells from a suspicious growth. It’s quick, pain-free, and entirely noninvasive. Exfoliative cytology is unable to detect all types of oral cancer, so your dentist may recommend additional testing.

Incisional biopsy

An incisional biopsy involves your dentist cutting an abnormal sample of tissue from your mouth. It’s performed under local or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. After acquiring a sample, your dentist stitches up the incision and provides you with a list of recovery instructions.

Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy

If you have a lump in your throat or neck, your dentist might recommend an FNA biopsy. During this outpatient procedure, your provider uses a thin needle to extract fluid or cells from the growth. The sample is sent to a pathologist for additional testing and review.

What type of oral biopsy will benefit me?

The type of oral biopsy that will most benefit you depends on your age, health history, symptoms, and lifestyle. Following a comprehensive oral exam, a review of your dental health history, and oral X-rays, your dentist can make recommendations that align with your needs.

When will I receive the results of my oral biopsy?

The team at 286 Madison Dental typically receives biopsy results within 48-72 hours. As soon as the pathology lab contacts the office, your dentist reaches out to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

At your follow-up, your dentist explains the results of your biopsy and makes treatment recommendations.

Is an oral biopsy painful?

Oral biopsies are safe and typically well-tolerated. Each procedure uses local or general anesthesia, ensuring you experience no uncomfortable side-effects. 

After the anesthesia wears off, it’s normal to experience some swelling and soreness, but this should subside within a few days. 

If your pain persists or interferes with your ability to eat and speak, contact the team at 286 Madison Dental right away.

Don’t wait to schedule an oral biopsy at 286 Madison Dental. Use the online tool to book an appointment or call the office to speak with a caring team member today.