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If you have bruxism, you unconsciously grind your teeth with up to 10 times the amount of normal chewing force. Because bruxism happens at night while you’re sleeping, the best way to prevent damage to your teeth is by wearing an occlusal guard (night guard). At 286 Madison Dental in Midtown Manhattan, the skilled dentistry specialists create custom night guards to protect your teeth and prevent long-term damage to your smile. Book your appointment with online scheduling, or call the New York City office.

Night Guards Q&A

What are night guards?

NIght guards are oral appliances that cover your teeth to prevent damage while you sleep. Your 286 Madison Dental provider might recommend a night guard if you have bruxism, a condition in which you unconsciously clench or grind your teeth while you’re sleeping. 

There are two types of night guards, including: 

Soft night guards

Soft occlusal guards are made with a pliable plastic that molds to your teeth. You slide it into place atop your teeth, where it prevents mild-to-moderate teeth clenching and grinding. 

Rigid night guards

Rigid night guards are typically acrylic — a hard plastic that fits over your teeth. This type of night guard can prevent severe teeth clenching and grinding. 

In most cases, you need an occlusal guard for only one arch, typically the top row of teeth. Your dentist can explain which type of night guard is the best solution for your bruxism. 

What happens if you have bruxism and don’t wear an occlusal guard?

Untreated bruxism can have very serious consequences. Some of the most common early symptoms include: 

  • Sore jaw
  • Facial or neck soreness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Sores inside of your cheeks
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Restless sleep

Your dentist at 286 Madison Dental may also observe severe tooth damage, such as cracks, fractures, or worn-down tooth surfaces. This type of damage increases your risk for tooth decay and potentially even tooth loss.

Untreated bruxism can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which frequently cause long-term problems including limited jaw function, osteoarthritis, and jaw joint dislocation.

Why do I need a custom night guard for bruxism?

You can buy a night guard at the drugstore or online, but unfortunately, they’re not the same as a custom night guard from 286 Madison Dental. One-size-fits-all night guards cover your teeth loosely, so they often shift forward or get totally dislodged as you sleep.

Boil-and-bite night guards, while slightly customizable, only hold their shape for a short time. This soon leaves you with the same problem: a shifting night guard that doesn’t protect your teeth. 

At 286 Madison Dental, your dentist captures detailed impressions of your teeth and jaw to use during occlusal guard fabrication. This means that you’ll get a night guard tailored to your mouth structure and customized for specific bite irregularities. 

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