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If your tooth is impacted, badly damaged, or decayed, the only remedy may be a tooth extraction. At East Village Dental Center in New York City, the highly skilled dentists use the latest technology and sedation dentistry to keep your extraction pain free. Tooth extractions can save your other teeth and preserve the health of your gums and dental bone, when performed in time. Don’t delay treatment if you have a toothache or damaged tooth. Call the expert dentists at East Village Dental Center in New York City or use the online appointment request form.

Extractions Q & A

Why should I consider extractions?

The dental team at East Village Dental Care does everything it can to preserve your natural teeth. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, or if your tooth is so badly cracked or decayed that it can’t be saved by a dental crown, your dentist must extract your tooth. You may also need tooth extractions if your teeth are overcrowded, and your mouth is too small to accommodate them. 

What happens when I get an extraction?

The dentists at East Village Dental Care perform extractions in the comfort, safety, and convenience of their Manhattan offices. If you’re just getting one tooth removed, your dentist first numbs your gums with a local anesthetic and then extracts the tooth with a special tool.

If you need multiple extractions, have a complicated case, or have impacted wisdom teeth, they may recommend twilight or general anesthesia. While you’re asleep, they cut your gums and then remove the tooth or teeth.

How long does it take extractions to heal?

After your extraction, your gums are sore and swollen. You’re advised to avoid food and drink for several hours, and then keep to a liquid or soft diet for the next day or two.  

Your dentist may prescribe pain medication to control discomfort as the anesthetic wears off. You can also use over-the-counter painkillers and cold compresses. Within a few days, you should feel back to normal.

Do I have to replace the extracted teeth?

If you had your wisdom teeth removed, you don’t replace them. Wisdom teeth are vestigial teeth and aren’t needed. 

However, when you extract a regular tooth, you must replace it as soon as possible. Leaving a gap in your gums leaves you susceptible to infections that can spread to your other teeth, gums, bone, and even to your organs.

Your teeth are positioned in such a way that they keep all of the other teeth around them in alignment. If you’re missing a tooth, the other teeth can’t stay in their correct position and may fall or grow toward the gap.   

Your teeth also create healthy pressure on your jawbone that keeps it producing new cells. Without that pressure, the bone withers away. To guarantee healthy bone pressure, your dentist recommends replacing your missing teeth with surgically inserted dental implants.

If you think you might need tooth extractions, contact the highly trained, gentle, and compassionate dentists at East Village Dental Center by phone or online form.