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If you’ve been dreading a trip to the dentist because you’re afraid you might need an invasive procedure, there’s now a pain-free, easy alternative to drills and metal tools. The expert dentists at East Village Dental Center in New York City use FDA-approved laser therapy to treat gum disease (periodontitis), reshape overly long gums (gummy smile), and remove lesions. The laser can also act as a pain-free drill to remove decayed material from cavities. To move to the next level of dental and periodontal care, contact East Village Dental Care by phone or online form.

Dental Laser Therapy Q & A

What is dental laser therapy?

Dental laser therapy is a way to treat dental and periodontal (gum) issues and diseases without the use of drills, knives, or other metal tools. Dental laser therapy uses laser energy combined with water to create tiny microexplosions that remove diseased gum tissue or bone. In some complex situations, your dentist may need to combine traditional tools with laser therapy.

What kinds of issues can dental laser therapy treat?

The main advantage of dental laser therapy is that it can perform procedures more comfortably and with less trauma than traditional methods. Instead of using drills and hard metal scraping tools, your dentist reshapes your gums, kills bacteria in the gum pockets, and smooths tooth roots with laser energy. Conditions that can be treated with dental laser therapy include:

  • Cavities
  • Swollen gums 
  • Bleeding gums
  • Infected gums  
  • Infected root canals
  • Loose teeth
  • Recessed gums
  • Gum pockets
  • Exposed dental bone

Your dentist also uses the laser to remove lesions and treat canker sores. Dental laser therapy is a great choice for women, men, and children who suffer from dental anxiety. It’s not only pain-free, but noise-free, too.

What are the benefits of dental laser therapy?

Dental laser therapy allows dentists to save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted. Dental laser therapy is also much more precise than traditional tools. Your dentist kills bacteria, removes infectious material, and evaporates diseased gum and bone without affecting nearby healthy tissue.

How long does it take to recover from dental laser therapy?

Dental laser therapy causes less trauma to your gum tissue than traditional periodontal treatments. While you want to avoid extreme temperature and hard food after your procedure, you should be able to return to all normal activities within a few hours.  

Can dental laser therapy improve the look of my teeth?

The expert dentists at East Village Dental Center use dental laser therapy to remove excess gum to correct a gummy smile. They can also accelerate and augment a professional teeth-whitening treatment with laser energy.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t get dental laser therapy?

Dental lasers can’t be used on teeth that have previously been filled and can’t treat cavities between the teeth. You also may have a pre-existing condition that would exclude you from dental laser therapy.

To find out more about how dental laser therapy can keep your gums, teeth, and jawbone healthy, contact East Village Dental Center by calling the friendly staff or using the online form.